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When Panic Attacks

The psychiatrist-author of the best-selling Feeling Good offers an array of revolutionary therapeutic options and clinically proven solutions for conquering fear and unhealthy anxiety. Reprint. 17,500

ISBN10 : 076792083X , ISBN13 : 9780767920834

Page Number : 449

Is Your Balloon About To Pop?

This book deal with basic issues related to stress; various stages of stress; long term consequences of inappropriate ways of coping with stress. It explains the role of painful emotions in stress and

ISBN10 : 1419665561 , ISBN13 : 9781419665561

Page Number : 278

When Panic Attacks

Answers questions such as what triggers the panic attack and how it can be avoided by explaining the underlying psychology and physiology of panic.

ISBN10 : 9780717136148 , ISBN13 : 0717136140

Page Number : 251

Panic Attack Alternatives

Fear, helplessness, tingling limbs, racing heart, and shortness of breath?for those who suffer panic attacks, these are recurring sensations. Join author Monica Maxfield, a victim of panic attacks, as

ISBN10 : 1598867229 , ISBN13 : 9781598867220

Page Number : 59

How Not To Make It In The Pop World

Leicester-born tenor sax man, John Barrow, is one of the journeymen of pop. In a playing career that covers more than twenty years he has worked and recorded with world name artists including: BOY GEO

ISBN10 : 1412014131 , ISBN13 : 9781412014137

Page Number : 288