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Video Game Spaces

The move to 3D graphics represents a dramatic artistic and technical development in the history of video games that suggests an overall transformation of games as media. The experience of space has be

ISBN10 : 0262293013 , ISBN13 : 9780262293013

Page Number : 320

Space Time Play

Computer and video games are leaving the PC and conquering the arena of everyday life in the form of mobile applications—the result is new types of cities and architecture. How do these games alter

ISBN10 : 376438414X , ISBN13 : 9783764384142

Page Number : 495

The Machinima Reader

Over the last decade, machinima--the use of computer game engines to create movies--has emerged as a vibrant area in digital culture. Machinima as a filmmaking tool grew from the bottom up, driven by

ISBN10 : 0262294923 , ISBN13 : 9780262294928

Page Number : 360

Game On

Games are a key part of contemporary culture worldwide, familiar to millions of us even if we never actually play them. They have influenced music, art and film, and characters from Mario to Lara Crof

ISBN10 : 9781920805241 , ISBN13 : 1920805249

Page Number : 143

Computer Games And New Media Cultures

Digital gaming is today a significant economic phenomenon as well as being an intrinsic part of a convergent media culture in postmodern societies. Its ubiquity, as well as the sheer volume of hours y

ISBN10 : 9400727771 , ISBN13 : 9789400727779

Page Number : 712

Play Between Worlds

In Play Between Worlds, T. L. Taylor examines multiplayer gaming life as it is lived on the borders, in the gaps -- as players slip in and out of complex social networks that cross online and offline

ISBN10 : 0262250543 , ISBN13 : 9780262250542

Page Number : 206

Horror Video Games

"In this in-depth critical and theoretical analysis of the horror genre in video games, 14 essays explore the cultural underpinnings of horror's allure for gamers and the evolution of "survival" theme

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