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Will Gaveston is page boy to little Prince Edward, son of King Henry VIII. When his father is accused of treason and thrown into Newgate Prison, Will has to go into hiding in the back streets of Londo

ISBN10 : 1849391211 , ISBN13 : 9781849391214

Page Number : 264

The Company Of Ghosts

It was a seascape, moody with rocks and cliffs and wild showers of spray. Ellie's own reflection was drawn into it, like a ghost image among the lights and shadows. 'That's our island,' Morag said. 'I

ISBN10 : 1849397295 , ISBN13 : 9781849397292

Page Number : 272


"Be strong, my Abela." These are the last words of Abela's mother in their HIV/Aids stricken African village, where it seems that to live or to die, to be sick or to be healthy, is just a matter of ch

ISBN10 : 1849399573 , ISBN13 : 9781849399579

Page Number : 240

Deep Secret

Grace put out her hand, almost touching the mirror. Her image did the same. 'There's another world in there.' 'We could float in and out of it.' Deep in a Derbyshire valley live two girls, twins, so a

ISBN10 : 144818701X , ISBN13 : 9781448187010

Page Number : 368

Children Of Winter

Catherine and her family are out for a walk when a sudden storm blows up, and they are forced to take shelter in a deserted barn which they have never seen before but which seems strangely familiar. T

ISBN10 : 9780749718459 , ISBN13 : 0749718455

Page Number : 127

Tilly Mint Tales

When Tilly's mum goes out to work, Mrs Hardcastle from up the street pops in to look after her. There are two special things about Mrs Hardcastle. The first thing is that she's always dropping off to

ISBN10 : 1446405788 , ISBN13 : 9781446405789

Page Number : 208

Daughter Of The Sea

The only life Gioga has ever known is that of a fisherman's daughter on remote Hamna Voe. But as a baby she was a gift of the sea to childless Munroe and Jannet, and now the Lord of the Oceans wants h

ISBN10 : 1849397996 , ISBN13 : 9781849397995

Page Number : 128

Dear Nobody

The moving and very real story of two teenagers and an unplanned pregnancy. It is told from two viewpoints - that of Helen as she writes her thoughts in a series of letters to the unborn baby, the Dea

ISBN10 : 0141928867 , ISBN13 : 9780141928869

Page Number : 160


VIII (EIGHT) is the untold story of Henry VIII, a gripping examination of how he turned from a charismatic teenager to the cruel tyrant he became in later life. Hal is a young, handsome and gifted war

ISBN10 : 1848775024 , ISBN13 : 9781848775022

Page Number : 400