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Transpacific Field Of Dreams

Baseball has joined America and Japan, even in times of strife, for over 150 years. After the "opening" of Japan by Commodore Perry, Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu explains, baseball was introduced there by A

ISBN10 : 0807882666 , ISBN13 : 9780807882665

Page Number : 344

Banzai Babe Ruth

Presents a detailed account of the attempt to reconcile the United States and Japan through the 1934 All American baseball tour which included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, future secret agent M

ISBN10 : 0803240244 , ISBN13 : 9780803240247

Page Number : 319

Creating People Of Plenty

This innovative study investigates how Japan grew from an economically limited country to the threshold of industrial power. The author describes Japanese economic development in the 1950s as one of t

ISBN10 : 9780873387064 , ISBN13 : 0873387066

Page Number : 309

People Of Plenty

America has long been famous as a land of plenty, but we seldom realize how much the American people are a people of plenty—a people whose distinctive character has been shaped by economic abundance

ISBN10 : 9780226676319 , ISBN13 : 0226676315

Page Number : 248