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Torjen Iii Diablo

With the world erupting into war, the Knights of the Rebellion seem to have reached their breaking point, going their separate ways after the fall of their old friend, Jiffra. But fate seems to have m

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Page Number : 166

Torjen Ii The Search For Andross

Brucius is dead, his legions destroyed. The Gai-Dubous are believed extinct and the Death Waker has not been seen in almost four years. And Andross the Invincible, the one who used the Orb of Torjen a

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View From Mount Diablo

A verse-novel that won the Jamaican National Literary Award in 2001, View from Mount Diablo explores the transformation of Jamaica from a sleepy colonial society to a post-colonial nation. Class and r

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Lawyers Judges

A former government agent details a half-century of misconduct by lawyers and judges, and the resulting harm inflicted upon the United States and its people.

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The Unabomber And The Zodiac

The Zodiac Killer murdered five people between December of 1968 and October of 1969. The murders were followed by letters to the news media demanding publication of his threats and other written mater

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Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the premier public resource on scientific and technological developments that impact global security. Founded by Manhattan Project Scientists, the Bulletin's i

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Drugging America

Former government agents, former drug smugglers, detail and document drug smuggling activities, including the role of CIA operatives and others.

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Page Number : 624