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The Romans' destruction of Carthage after the Third Punic War erased any Carthaginian historical record of Hannibal's life. What we know of him comes exclusively from Roman historians who had every in

ISBN10 : 1597976865 , ISBN13 : 9781597976862

Page Number : 288

Scipio Africanus

The world often misunderstands its greatest men while neglecting others entirely. Scipio Africanus, surely the greatest general that Rome produced, suffered both these fates. Today scholars celebrate

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Warrior Pharaoh

Warrior Pharaoh is a work of historical fiction that tells the story of the life and deeds of Pharaoh Thutmose II (1480–1426 B.C.) of Egypt, one of the greatest political and military leaders of the

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Man And Wound In The Ancient World

Examines the fascinating role of medicine in ancient military cultures; Shows how the ancients understood the body, patched up their warriors, and sent them back into battle; Reveals medical secrets l

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Philip Ii Of Macedonia

Philip II of Macedonia (382–336 BCE), unifier of Greece, author of Greece's first federal constitution, founder of the first territorial state with a centralized administrative structure in Europe,

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Between Flesh And Steel

Over the last five centuries, the development of modern weapons and warfare has created an entirely new set of challenges for practitioners in the field of military medicine. Between Flesh and Steel t

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Lion Of The Sun

Lion Of The Sun continues the saga of Thutmose III (1480-1426 B.C.E.) of Egypt as told by his oldest friend and scribe, Thaneni, in the chronicle entitled Warrior Pharaoh (iUniverse, 2001). Having bee

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