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The Yes Anxiety

Do you find it difficult to make commitments? Even harder to live up to them? After you give your word on something, are you plagued with second thoughts? Do you dread completing projects or actually

ISBN10 : 9780830816477 , ISBN13 : 083081647X

Page Number : 175

Should I Get Married?

For anyone contemplating marriage, discerning compatibility with another, seeking guidelines for finding a life partner or struggling with commitment, this updated version by M. Blaine Smith provides

ISBN10 : 9780830822713 , ISBN13 : 0830822712

Page Number : 204

Yes Anxiety

"I wanted this relationship so much. But after Susan agreed to marry me, I felt smothered. I could only think of getting out." "I longed for this job, then I quit after a month. I couldn't stand being

ISBN10 : 9781897913277 , ISBN13 : 1897913273

Page Number : 192

Reach Beyond Your Grasp

WHAT ARE YOUR STRONGEST DESIRES FOR THE FUTURE? A new job or career? Marriage? A lifestyle change? Mastering a skill? A creative accomplishment? An athletic triumph? Your dreams are often far more wit

ISBN10 : 9780984032259 , ISBN13 : 0984032258

Page Number : 196

From Shame To Glory

Each of us has had times when we felt mortified, experiencing shame about who we are. For some, a sense of shame is chronic. Others know this experience as an occasional acute attack of shame leaving

ISBN10 : 9781498410434 , ISBN13 : 149841043X

Page Number : 258

Knowing God S Will

How can we discover God's will for the complicated decisions of time, money, relationships, education and career? How do we know which is best among a variety of "good" options? In this updated and su

ISBN10 : 9780830875986 , ISBN13 : 0830875980

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Mommy Guilt

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of a

ISBN10 : 9780814413685 , ISBN13 : 0814413684

Page Number : 256

Live Your Calling

An action-plan for self-fulfillment that helps people find their true calling in life This practical and inspirational guide helps Christian men and women of all ages identify and use their God-given

ISBN10 : 0787968951 , ISBN13 : 9780787968953

Page Number : 277

Let The Great World Spin

One August morning in 1974, a tightrope walker makes his way, through the dawn light, between the World Trade Center towers. In the streets below, a slew of ordinary lives become extraordinary in this

ISBN10 : 1554689236 , ISBN13 : 9781554689231

Page Number : 368