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Defining Islam

Ever since a group of people came into existence who called themselves Muslims and followed Islam, questions of what it means to be a member of this group - who is to be included/excluded and what the

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Page Number : 416

Taking Back Islam

A panel of thirty-five experts, writers, and religious leaders--including Muhammad Ali and Karen Armstrong--take a close-up look at the future of Islam, the historical realities that have shaped it, t

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The Meaning Of The Holy Qur An

The Qur'an is the central religious verbal text of Islam and the book of divine guidance and direction for mankind. This translation by Yusuf Ali includes commentary that explains the context of indiv

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Understanding Jihad

Jihad is one of the most loaded and misunderstood terms in the news today. Contrary to popular understanding, the term does not mean "holy war." Nor does it simply refer to the inner spiritual struggl

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History Of Iranian Literature

Some justification seems to be necessary for the addition of yet another History of Iranian Literature to the number of those already in existence. Such a work must obviously contain as many novel fea

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The End Of Days

Focuses on the religious passions that make fundamentalists battle over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and why this sacred site has become a catalyst for potential conflict.

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Accounting For Fundamentalisms

Accounting for Fundamentalisms features treatments of fundamentalist movements, groups that often make headlines but are rarely understood, as part of the multivolume Fundamentalism Project. This book

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The Family

They insist they are just a group of friends, yet they funnel millions of dollars through tax-free corporations. They claim to disdain politics, but congressmen of both parties describe them as the mo

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