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The Trials For Treason At Indianapolis

Published in 1865, this is the account of the Indianapolis treason trials that took place at the close of the Civil War. Contains the tesimony, arguments, finding and sentence, in the case of Harrison

ISBN10 : 9781479292462 , ISBN13 : 147929246X

Page Number : 354

Dark Lanterns

During the agonizing days of the Civil War four secret political societies, often known as dark lantern societies, became household words throughout the North. Three of these groups--the Knights of th

ISBN10 : 9780807115671 , ISBN13 : 0807115673

Page Number : 263

Conspiracy Theories In American History

A reference guide to conspiracy theory presents over 300 entries describing events and theories, analyzing the historical, intellectual, and political context of each, and offering evidence to support

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American Political Trials

Examines the role of criminal trials and impeachments in US history from the early colonial era to the late 20th century. The emphasis is on cases that resulted from political persecution. This editio

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With Malice Toward Some

Few issues created greater consensus among Civil War-era northerners than the belief that the secessionists had committed treason. But as William A. Blair shows in this engaging history, the way polit

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