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The Secret Cold War

The Cold War between the West and the Soviet Bloc didn't end with detente in 1975: it just went underground. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, tensions between the superpowers continued to pl

ISBN10 : 1952535484 , ISBN13 : 9781952535482

Page Number : 552

The Protest Years

By 1963, Robert Menzies had been prime minister for thirteen years, Australia had its first troops in Vietnam, and change was in the air. There would soon be street protests over women's rights, Abori

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The Spy Catchers

Winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History For the first time, ASIO has opened its archives to an independent historian. With unfettered access to the records, David Horner tells th

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Making Australian Foreign Policy

This comprehensive text is the first to outline both practical and theoretical approaches in making Australian foreign policy. It discusses the processes, structures and calculations involved in forei

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The Most Dangerous Man In Australia?

During World War II and the years immediately following, several men were seen by the Australian Security Service as the most dangerous men in the Commonwealth. This history book uncovers the facts to

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Global Politics In The 21st Century

Objective, critical, optimistic, and with a global focus, this textbook combines international relations theory, history, up-to-date research, and current affairs to give the student a comprehensive,

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North Korea And Nuclear Weapons

North Korea is perilously close to developing strategic nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States and its East Asian allies. Since their first nuclear test in 2006, North Korea has struggle

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A Very Expensive Poison

A real-life political assassination story--complete with KGB, CIA, MI5, and Russian mobsters--that reverberates from the streets of London to the deadly halls of today's Kremlin. A Vintage Original. O

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