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The Samurai Conspiracy

This sequel to "The Junkyard Dog" takes place five years later. Brad Logan is now a homicide captain and must stop a gang of terrorists who have killed several prominent citizens. When Brad's wife is

ISBN10 : 0595278280 , ISBN13 : 9780595278282

Page Number : 332

A Daughter Of The Samurai

Born into a high-ranking samurai family at the onset of the Meiji period, Etsu Sugimoto's own life mirrored the radical shifts her country faced. Originally destined to be a priestess, she instead bec

ISBN10 : 1608726509 , ISBN13 : 9781608726509

Page Number : 314

Ch?sh? In The Meiji Restoration

When Commodore Perry arrived in Japan to open the country to Western trade in 1853, he found a medieval amalgam of sword-bearing samurai, castle towns, Confucian academies, peasant villages, rice padd

ISBN10 : 9780739101933 , ISBN13 : 0739101935

Page Number : 385

Samurai Assassins

Assassination--in Japanese, ansatsu or "dark murder"--was instrumental in the samurai-led revolution known as the Meiji Restoration, by which the shogun's military government was overthrown and the Im

ISBN10 : 1476628009 , ISBN13 : 9781476628004

Page Number : 250

The Samurai Strategy

Bantam 1988'A financial thriller right out of the headlines.' Adam SmithA high-finance, high-tech thriller of Wall Street, murder, currency manipulation. A mysterious Japanese industrialist begins a m

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The Drifter And The Samurai

Ischuru Yakimoto was one of the most skilled samurai warriors in Japan. But even his skill couldn't save him when he came upon the body of a prostitute in a wayside inn and, in a rage, dispatched her

ISBN10 : 1425981836 , ISBN13 : 9781425981839

Page Number : 248