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The Multi Orgasmic Man

At last, simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men to fulfill their dreams and women's fantasies. Learn to Separate Orgasm and Ejaculation! Enjoy Increased Vitality and Longevity! Be

ISBN10 : 0061749893 , ISBN13 : 9780061749896

Page Number : 256

The Multi Orgasmic Man

All men can become multi orgasmic - just by learning some simple techniques. This mini edition distills all the key elements men need to know in order to experience multiple sexual peaks. Based on the

ISBN10 : 9780007145157 , ISBN13 : 0007145152

Page Number : 160

The Multi Orgasmic Man

The Multi-Orgasmic Man reveals simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men of all ages to fulfil their dreams and their partners fantasies by dramatically improving the quality and qua

ISBN10 : 072253325X , ISBN13 : 9780722533253

Page Number : 240

The Multi Orgasmic Man

Offers exercises to help achieve multiple and full-body orgasms, and discusses sexuality, the art of pleasuring a partner, impotence, and more

ISBN10 : 9780062513359 , ISBN13 : 0062513354

Page Number : 236

The Multi Orgasmic Couple

The bestselling authors of The Multi-Orgasmic Man show you and your partner how to: Experience intense multiple whole-body orgasms Pleasure each other profoundly Use sexuality for health and healing D

ISBN10 : 9780061749889 , ISBN13 : 0061749885

Page Number : 224

The Multi Orgasmic Woman

A holistic guide to female sexuality integrates the latest in Western medical research with the wisdom of the East to explain how any woman can enhance her pleasure in lovemaking and reach her full se

ISBN10 : 1594864853 , ISBN13 : 9781594864858

Page Number : 320

The Man S Guide To Women

Results from world-renowned relationship expert John Gottman's famous Love Lab have proven an incredible truth: Men make or break relationships. Based on 40 years of research, The Man's Guide to

ISBN10 : 1623361850 , ISBN13 : 9781623361853

Page Number : 224

Sexual Reflexology

Moves reflexology beyond the realm of foot massage and into the realm of sexuality. • Offers acupressure methods to build intimacy and heighten sexual pleasure. • Helps couples find their sexual e

ISBN10 : 1594779856 , ISBN13 : 9781594779855

Page Number : 208

Taoist Secrets Of Love

Mantak Chia reveals for the first time to the general public, the ancient sexual secrets of the Taoist sages. These secrets enable men to conserve and transform sexual energy through its circulation i

ISBN10 : 9780943358192 , ISBN13 : 0943358191

Page Number : 285

Healing Love Through The Tao

A new edition of the bestseller • The first book to reveal in the West the Taoist techniques that enable women to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy • Reveals Taoist secrets for shortening

ISBN10 : 159477983X , ISBN13 : 9781594779831

Page Number : 288