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Feud Violence And Practice

This collection presents an innovative series of essays about the medieval culture of Feud and Violence. Featuring both prominent senior and younger scholars from the United States and Europe, the con

ISBN10 : 1409480828 , ISBN13 : 9781409480822

Page Number : 350

The Criminal Trial In Later Medieval England

This book represents the first full-length study of the English criminal trial in a crucial period of its development (1300-1550). Based on prime source material, The Criminal Trial in Later Medieval

ISBN10 : 9780802042958 , ISBN13 : 0802042953

Page Number : 208

Henry Howard The Poet Earl Of Surrey

The first comprehensive biography of Henry Howard, this book fills a major gap in the history of early modern British culture. Sessions' narrative combines historical scholarship with close readings o

ISBN10 : 9780198186250 , ISBN13 : 0198186258

Page Number : 448

Society Politics And Culture

The social, political and cultural factors determining conformity and obedience as well as dissidence and revolt are traced in sixteenth and early seventeenth century England.

ISBN10 : 9780521368773 , ISBN13 : 0521368774

Page Number : 492

Imprisoning Medieval Women

The non-judicial confinement of women is a common event in medieval European literature and hagiography. The literary image of the imprisoned woman, usually a noblewoman, has carried through into the

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Page Number : 238

The Wallace Book

Through his personality, ingenuity and ability, Wallace initiated a resistance movement which ultimately secured the nation's freedom and independence. This title investigates what is known of the med

ISBN10 : 0857904949 , ISBN13 : 9780857904942

Page Number : 258