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The Last Warrior Queen

Like Jean Auel and Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mary Mackey takes us to a place where myth and reality meet. The year is 3643 B.C.E. The great matriarchal cities which have dominated the earth are about to

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The Last Warrior Queen

There is one age-old questionâ??Men or women, who are the better leaders? Many, many years ago in Africa, a country existedâ??a country called Meramara where queens ruled and extraordinary women war

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The Warrior Queen

Æthelflæd, eldest daughter of Alfred "the Great," has gone down in history as an enigmatic and almost legendary figure. To the popular imagination, she is the archetypal warrior queen, a Medieval Bo

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Drawing on new scholarship, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Woman Behind the New Deal presents a biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher C

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Njinga Of Angola

One of history’s most multifaceted rulers but little known in the West, Queen Njinga rivaled Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great in political cunning and military prowess. Today, she is revered in A

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Cancer Survivor Warrior Queen

This book is about a young girl, live to love not to complain, worry or be angry in denial but embrace the challenges that confront you to propel you into learning how to experience the lessons of liv

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Rebel Queen

Unwilling to surrender to British Empire conquerors, Queen Lakshmi of India's Kingdom of Jhansi raises male and female armies to defend her beloved realm. By the international best-selling author of C

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Warrior Queens

In this panoramic work of history, Lady Antonia Fraser looks at women who led armies and empires: Cleopatra, Isabella of Spain, Jinga Mbandi, Margaret Thatcher, and Indira Gandhi, among others.

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