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Text and black and white illustrations show how the Romans planned and constructed their cities for the people who lived within them.

ISBN10 : 9780395349229 , ISBN13 : 0395349222

Page Number : 112

Ancient Board Games

Here are four board games -- the Royal Game of Ur; Mehen, the Game of the Snake; Hounds and Jackals; and the Egyptian Game of Senet -- which were popular in the days of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt a

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Defending Constantine

Leithart reads the original ancient, the seminal secondary, and lots of other sources to contend that Constantine was a believer and a conciliator who sought theological agreement for the political st

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Private Lives In Renaissance Venice

"As the sixteenth century opened, members of the patriciate were increasingly withdrawing from trade, desiring to be seen as "gentlemen in fact" as well as "gentlemen in name." The author considers wh

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Roman Diary

The year is AD 107 and Iliona, an educated Greek girl, has been orphaned and sold as a slave in Rome. Apart from her diary, she hasn't a friend in the world. But the family she works for are not unkin

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The Myth Of Persecution

In The Myth of Persecution, Candida Moss, a leading expert on early Christianity, reveals how the early church exaggerated, invented, and forged stories of Christian martyrs and how the dangerous lega

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Agatha Christie On Screen

This book is a comprehensive exploration of 90 years of film and television adaptations of the world’s best-selling novelist’s work. Drawing on extensive archival material, it offers new informati

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