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The Anxiety Cure

Panic Anxiety is the number one mental health problem for women and second only to drug abuse among men. Synthetic tranquilizers can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety illnesses. However, in order to a

ISBN10 : 1418567167 , ISBN13 : 9781418567163

Page Number : 272

Adrenaline And Stress

Psychologist Archibald Hart theorizes that heart attacks and other stress-induced illnesses are the lethal by-products of too much adrenaline pumping through our systems. He suggests ways to minimize

ISBN10 : 1418565865 , ISBN13 : 9781418565862

Page Number : 240

The Digital Invasion

In the world of technology, there are just two kinds of people: digital natives and digital immigrants. Digital natives are those born after the advent of the internet. They are comfortable with swift

ISBN10 : 1441241698 , ISBN13 : 9781441241696

Page Number : 240

Habits Of The Mind

Renewing your mind is a proven way to rejuvenate your life. Now in Habits of the Mind, Dr. Archibald Hart shows you how changing mental habits leads to dramatic improvement in personal performance and

ISBN10 : 9780849912191 , ISBN13 : 0849912199

Page Number : 187

The Sexual Man

Discusses what most men feel about, love and lust, frequency of sex, pornography, sex and aging, sex and religion, and wives and lovers

ISBN10 : 9780849910760 , ISBN13 : 0849910765

Page Number : 223

Counseling The Depressed

This volume in the Resources for Christian Counseling series focuses on therapies for depression, the "common cold" of psychological problems. Author Hart combines science with Christian insights to p

ISBN10 : 9780849905827 , ISBN13 : 0849905826

Page Number : 275

Helping Children Survive Divorce

Psychologist Archibald Hart asserts that divorce inevitably affects children in profound ways, but that there are specific ways divorcing parents can help them cope with the psychological and social d

ISBN10 : 9780849939495 , ISBN13 : 0849939496

Page Number : 207

Help Someone I Love Is Depressed

The HELP! series provides highly practical, to-the-point advice for parenting and marriage problems identified as high felt needs from the Focus on the Family audience. The intent of the HELP! series

ISBN10 : 9781589971721 , ISBN13 : 1589971728

Page Number : 85

Telling Yourself The Truth

Most of What Happens in Your Life Happens Because of the Way You Think. Wrong thinking produces wrong emotions, wrong reactions, wrong behavior--and unhappiness! Learning to deal with your thoughts is

ISBN10 : 9781441211019 , ISBN13 : 1441211012

Page Number : 224