Download " tecumseh or the warrior of the west a poem in four cantos with notes by an english officer major john richardson " Book At Link below

Mimic Fires

Bentley includes eighteen long poems by writers with first-hand experience of Canada, including Henry Kelsey, Thomas Cary, John Strachan, Thomas Moore, Oliver Goldsmith, John Richardson, Joseph Howe,

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The Canadian Don Quixote

Richardson (1796-1852) born in Newark, Upper Canada and dying in New York City, laid the foundations of Canadian literature. The author of Wacousta and The Canadian Brothers had an adventurous, energe

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Wampum Denied

This formative history takes a new look at a dramatic conflict-the war on the Detroit frontier in 1812-13. Powerful key players (Procter, Tecumseh and Brock), their disparate war aims, and the "all or

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