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Starcraft Ii Heaven S Devils

For the poor, hardworking citizens of the Confederacy's fringe worlds, the Guild Wars have exacted a huge toll. Swayed by the promise of financial rewards, a new batch of recruits joins the fight alon

ISBN10 : 1439163650 , ISBN13 : 9781439163658

Page Number : 336

Starcraft Ii Devils Due

An original story based on the popular video game sequel "Starcraft II" chronicles the legendary exploits that shaped the lives of outlaw heroes Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay. Reprint.

ISBN10 : 1439196648 , ISBN13 : 9781439196649

Page Number : 368

Starcraft Ii Flashpoint

After she is restored to her human form by an ancient relic wielded by Jim Raynor, a still-formidable Sarah Kerrigan unites zerg broods throughout the Koprulu sector in what is revealed to be a menaci

ISBN10 : 0743471318 , ISBN13 : 9780743471312

Page Number : 352

Starcraft Ghost Spectres

Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. Augmented by technologies that harness their innate psionic potential, these lethal operatives use telepathy and oth

ISBN10 : 1439172757 , ISBN13 : 9781439172759

Page Number : 432

Grace Randolph S Supurbia Vol 4

From rising star writer Grace Randolph (Marvel’s Nation X, Her-oes) and hot new talent Russell Dauterman, GRACE RANDOLPH’S SUPURBIA is a unique new twist on the superhero genre that takes a scanda

ISBN10 : 1613982488 , ISBN13 : 9781613982488

Page Number : 109

Grace Randolph S Supurbia Vol 3

After the harrowing events surrounding the death of journalist Hayley Harper, the Meta Legion and their families embark on a much-needed vacation. But when some heroes start mixing business with pleas

ISBN10 : 1613982097 , ISBN13 : 9781613982099

Page Number : 112

Starcraft Ii Diabelski D?ug

Rok 2494. Jeszcze pięć lat temu Jim Raynor i Tychus Findlay należeli do Niebiańskich Diabłów, elitarnej jednostki marines Konfederacji, słynącej z opanowania i doświadczenia na polu bitwy. Po

ISBN10 : 8363944750 , ISBN13 : 9788363944759

Page Number : 304

Grace Randolph S Supurbia

The Real Housewives of the World’s Most Powerful Superheroes are back...and back-stabbing each other. The fan-favorite phenomenon returns with new stories of sex, lies, and...superpowers! Meet the M

ISBN10 : 9781608863181 , ISBN13 : 1608863182

Page Number : 112