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Let The Students Speak

From a trusted scholar and powerful story teller, an accessible and lively history of free speech, for and about students. Let the Students Speak! details the rich history and growth of the First Amen

ISBN10 : 080704458X , ISBN13 : 9780807044582

Page Number : 208


In this powerful novel, a teenage heroine delivers a blow to the hypocritical world of high school.

ISBN10 : 9781613834527 , ISBN13 : 1613834527

Page Number : 197

Speaking Up

Describes court cases that have involved the balance between freedom of speech in schools and the need for discipline, discussing such issues as political protests, book banning, prayer, and freedom o

ISBN10 : 9780674031142 , ISBN13 : 0674031148

Page Number : 289

Students Right To Speak

In 1969, Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas called free speech in public schools a "hazardous freedom," but one well worth the risk. A half-century later, with technology enabling students to communicat

ISBN10 : 1476662924 , ISBN13 : 9781476662923

Page Number : 212

Free Mind Free Speech

This book is a carefully documented combination of my free transcendental thoughts, including many of my life experiences recalled and written precisely as creative stories. Some of them have been res

ISBN10 : 1496956435 , ISBN13 : 9781496956439

Page Number : 308

Field Guide To Covering Local News

In the latest installment of the Field Guide series, Fred Bayles takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying and covering the events and issues that matter most to your community. For th

ISBN10 : 1483305074 , ISBN13 : 9781483305073

Page Number : 288

An American Speaks Out

An American citizen speaks his opinion about the US political climate concerning welfare, slavery, education, evolution, racial profiling, Iraq, military, overseas manufacturing, Democrats and Republi

ISBN10 : 1412036143 , ISBN13 : 9781412036146

Page Number : 260