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New Deal Art In Arizona

Arizonaƕs art history is emblematic of the story of the modern West, and few periods in that history were more significant than the era of the New Deal. From Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams to painter

ISBN10 : 0816522928 , ISBN13 : 9780816522927

Page Number : 203

The Grove Encyclopedia Of American Art

Where is American art in the new millennium? At the heart of all cultural developments is diversity. Access through recent technology engenders interaction with artists from around the world. The visu

ISBN10 : 0195335791 , ISBN13 : 9780195335798

Page Number : 2608

Radical Art

"Helen Langa's compelling study of 1930s social viewpoint prints offers a fresh look at the relationship between the decade's visual culture and its social and political bases. The author illuminates

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The Egerton Genesis

The Egerton Genesis is a pictorial narrative of the biblical Genesis, supplemented by legendary material. It was commissioned in the fourteenth century for the entertainment of a middle-class patron a

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Page Number : 312

Discipline And Desire

Focuses on how contemporary artists have responded to the ubiquitous presence of surveillance technologies in our daily lives

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From Signs To Design

Burroughs brings an especially wide range of explanatory models - from socialhistory, cultural anthropology, iconology and semiotics - to bear in his analysis of urban reformand the shifts in architec

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