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Some Like It Sizzling

If the half-naked man asleep on her bed is a sign of things to come, then Lucy Connors is in for the time of her life! She's never been given such a sexy gift. Wide-awake, Judd Walker is irresistible,

ISBN10 : 1460371747 , ISBN13 : 9781460371749

Page Number : 224

What A Girl Wants

Say no to sex. So Jane Langston advises women if they want better relationships. Who knew that as a result men across the country would be sleeping single and blaming her? Now Jane needs a little prot

ISBN10 : 1426872844 , ISBN13 : 9781426872846

Page Number : 224

Too Wild

When researching her latest story puts her life in danger, freelance journalist Jenna Calvert decides she needs to get out of town. And the opportunity presents itself in the form of sexy Travis Roth.

ISBN10 : 1460372409 , ISBN13 : 9781460372401

Page Number : 224

Once Upon A Seduction

Cursed with the ability to make all the wrong decisions about men, Skye Ellison must be on the receiving end of a fairy godmother's practical joke. Case in point: Nico Valetti, aka the anti-Prince Cha

ISBN10 : 1426850980 , ISBN13 : 9781426850981

Page Number : 224

Some Kind Of Sexy

Kimberly Hayward was a stickler for the details in her actionadventure script. She'd checked out every heist—and murder!—for authenticity. Now she had to inject some more sizzle into the love scen

ISBN10 : 1426870566 , ISBN13 : 9781426870569

Page Number : 224

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Ugly ducklings, plain Janes and wan wallflowers overhaul their drab exteriors and unleash their wild sides in these ten captivating tales of transformation and desire.

ISBN10 : 1408934205 , ISBN13 : 9781408934203

Page Number : 1000

D?clarations Scandaleuses

Publier un article enflammé dénonçant les abus sexuels commis par le comte de Barclay sur de jeunes servantes était risqué. Lorsqu'elles reçoivent une assignation en justice, Prudence et Chastit

ISBN10 : 9782290340707 , ISBN13 : 2290340707

Page Number : 342

Les Liens Du Sang

Le destin des MacKade tome 1/4 Ils sont quatre frères, et se sont juré de ne jamais renoncer à leur liberté pour une femme. Mais une rencontre va tout changer. Quand elle pénètre dans la vieille

ISBN10 : 2280359383 , ISBN13 : 9782280359382

Page Number : 288