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Sexy All Over

The image consultant in Naomi Taylor can't wait to get her hands on Zane Underwood. His rebel reporter style combined with his scandalous escapades have the station execs demanding a makeover. If she

ISBN10 : 1742928552 , ISBN13 : 9781742928555

Page Number : 256

Sexy Girls

Every teenage girl wants to be sexy--she wants to be noticed, to be attractive. But what is "sexy," really? Do teen girls know what they are saying about themselves by the way they dress? Popular auth

ISBN10 : 1441200762 , ISBN13 : 9781441200761

Page Number : 160

The Sexy Artist

Can Liza Sharp ever love again? She just divorced the man who murdered her father, attempted to steal her inheritance and denounced their son. She runs away to Italy in order to escape her life in sha

ISBN10 : 1942857977 , ISBN13 : 9781942857976

Page Number :

Dirty Sexy Politics

Meghan McCain came to prominence as the straight-talking, progressive daughter of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain. And her profile has only risen since the election ende

ISBN10 : 1401396097 , ISBN13 : 9781401396091

Page Number : 208

Ooh La La

French women seem to have a special knack for life's most important things--food, love, raising children. And in matters of beauty and style, they appear to be at an unfair advantage. But the good new

ISBN10 : 080653558X , ISBN13 : 9780806535586

Page Number : 224

Spicing It Up

How to cook up the perfect seduction Take 1 twentysomething chef (brown hair, small cup-size), freshly plucked from a stale relationship and very dubious about her own powers of attraction (Miriam Sco

ISBN10 : 1460370473 , ISBN13 : 9781460370476

Page Number : 224

A Girl Less Ordinary

Eleanor has worked hard to transform herself from the lonely girl she once was. Switching braces for a breathtaking smile, dowdy clothes for fabulous dresses, and heartbreak for flirty, fun-only dates

ISBN10 : 145924169X , ISBN13 : 9781459241695

Page Number : 192

The Consultant S Homecoming

Nurse Abby Monroe is intrigued by the aloof, handsome consultant Nick Tremayne. When they work together at the physical-rehabilitation unit, she begins to see the dedicated, caring physician behind hi

ISBN10 : 1460358708 , ISBN13 : 9781460358702

Page Number : 192

Beauty Rehab

Simple, meaningful and insightful, Beauty Rehab goes beyond the how' of being beautiful to consider the deep internal issues surrounding your perception of your own beauty. Coni Masciave takes you ste

ISBN10 : 1462891977 , ISBN13 : 9781462891979

Page Number : 180