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The Samurai

One of the late Shusaku Endo's finest works, The Samurai tells of the journey of some of the first Japanese to set foot on European soil and the resulting clash of cultures and politics.

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"Describes the Samurai, including their history, weapons, and way of life."

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"'Samurai' explores the essence, truth, and wisdom of these remarkable warriors. It features renowned samurai warriors, their weapons, armor, and military strategies and illuminates their unwavering "

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The Samurai

First published in 1977, The Samurai has long since become a standard work of reference. It continues to be the most authoritative work on samurai life and warfare published outside Japan. Set against

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The inspiration for the Jedi knights of Star Wars and the films of Akira Kurosawa, the legendary Japanese samurai have captured modern imaginations. Yet with these elite warriors who were bound by a c

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Samurai And Silk

An account of the author's two grandfathers--a provincial samurai and founder of the Meiji government and an enterprising developer of the silk trade with America

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The Book Of Samurai

Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami have brought the teachings of the famed samurai school Natori-Ryū back to life through The Book of Samurai series, and present the lost arts of the samurai in the Eng

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Ideals Of The Samurai

Translated and introduced by accomplished Japanese language and literature scholar William Scott Wilson, this anthology compiles the writings of 12 samurai warriors and paints a cultural picture of fe

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Hagakure Selections

It is a collection of philosophical notes written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo that offers both instruction and insight to the way of the Samurai. The concepts explained are a unique blend of Zen and Confuci

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