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Refusing To Be A Man

Since its original publication in 1989, Refusing to be a Man has been acclaimed as a classic and widely cited in gender studies literature. In 13 eloquent essays, Stoltenberg articulates the first ful

ISBN10 : 113543395X , ISBN13 : 9781135433956

Page Number : 240

Bismarck And The Guelph Problem 1866 1890

Many historians have concerned themselves with the founding of the German Empire in 1871 and the means used to unite the disparate sections of Germany, many of which had older traditions than did Bism

ISBN10 : 9401024057 , ISBN13 : 9789401024051

Page Number : 253

Origins Of Altruism And Cooperation

This book is about the evolution and nature of cooperation and altruism in social-living animals, focusing especially on non-human primates and on humans. Although cooperation and altruism are often t

ISBN10 : 9781441995209 , ISBN13 : 144199520X

Page Number : 440

Everyday Stalinism

Here is a pioneering account of everyday life under Stalin, written by a leading authority on modern Russian history. Focusing on the urban population, Fitzpatrick depicts a world of privation, overcr

ISBN10 : 0199839247 , ISBN13 : 9780199839247

Page Number : 304

Firm Foundations

FIRM FOUNDATIONS Christians desire a firm spiritual foundation on which to base their walk with Christ. This book is a compilation of principles guiding one along the journey toward a successful and r

ISBN10 : 1615799907 , ISBN13 : 9781615799909

Page Number : 138

As If An Enemy S Country

In the dramatic period leading to the American Revolution, no event did more to foment patriotic sentiment among colonists than the armed occupation of Boston by British soldiers. As If an Enemy's Cou

ISBN10 : 0199745951 , ISBN13 : 9780199745951

Page Number : 304