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Quit Smoking

This book explains how mindfulness can help you to kick the smoking habit and control your thoughts and emotions in a more balanced, accepting way. It presents a short history of mindfulness, and incl

ISBN10 : 1847094201 , ISBN13 : 9781847094209

Page Number : 132

Brilliant Mindfulness

Mindfulness has gained huge support over the past decade and has moved from being an Eastern Buddhist practice to a mainstream Western intervention. Extensive neuro-imaging research shows how effectiv

ISBN10 : 0273781626 , ISBN13 : 9780273781622

Page Number : 192

Mindfulness For Carers

Carers are particularly vulnerable to feeling stressed, worried and worn down by the vast demands that often come with caregiving, be they physical, psychological or emotional. Mindfulness can be enor

ISBN10 : 1784501476 , ISBN13 : 9781784501471

Page Number : 96

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

Through "personology" (a combination of characteristics influenced by sun sign, season, and day of the year) and an analysis of several thousand character profiles, the authors have pinned down the tr

ISBN10 : 0525426884 , ISBN13 : 9780525426882

Page Number : 832

Anxiety And Depression

This book provides an introduction to mindfulness, the concepts and theory behind it and how it can help manage not only anxiety, but a number of physical and emotional issues. It includes step-by-ste

ISBN10 : 184709418X , ISBN13 : 9781847094186

Page Number : 132

The Happiness Dare

Would you like to be happier? No matter who you are or how you feel, chances are you would answer yes. And Jennifer Dukes Lee was no different. For years, she wrestled with a constant nagging sense th

ISBN10 : 1496414756 , ISBN13 : 9781496414755

Page Number : 304

Steroids Pumped Up And Dangerous

You're a high school athlete who wants to increase the possibility of a successful college sports career and a shot at the pros. But you know you just don't have all that it takes. Then it hits you: y

ISBN10 : 142229305X , ISBN13 : 9781422293058

Page Number : 128


Subdivides the 12 zodiac signs each into 5 subgroups offering greater definition to the astrological year.

ISBN10 : 0762422297 , ISBN13 : 9780762422296

Page Number : 927