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Practical Reverse Engineering

Analyzing how hacks are done, so as to stop them in the future Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing hardware or software and understanding it, without having access to the source code or de

ISBN10 : 1118787315 , ISBN13 : 9781118787311

Page Number : 384


Beginning with a basic primer on reverse engineering-including computer internals, operating systems, and assembly language-and then discussing the various applications of reverse engineering, this bo

ISBN10 : 047032676X , ISBN13 : 9780470326763

Page Number : 624

Design For Hackers

Looks at classical design principles and techniques for Web designers using a "reverse-engineering" process, with information on such topics as color, proportion, white space, composition, and typogra

ISBN10 : 1119998956 , ISBN13 : 9781119998952

Page Number : 338

The Antivirus Hacker S Handbook

"The Antivirus Hacker's handbook shows you how to hack your own system's defenses to discover its weaknesses, so you can apply the appropriate extra protections to keep you network locked up tight."--

ISBN10 : 1119028752 , ISBN13 : 9781119028758

Page Number : 384

The Ida Pro Book

A guide to IDA Pro covers a variety of reverse engineering challenges including such topics as disassembly manipulation, graphing, using cross references, scripting, and loader modules.

ISBN10 : 1593271786 , ISBN13 : 9781593271787

Page Number : 608

Linkers And Loaders

Whatever your programming language, whatever your platform, you probably tap into linker and loader functions all the time. But do you know how to use them to their greatest possible advantage? Only n

ISBN10 : 9781558604964 , ISBN13 : 1558604960

Page Number : 256

Reverse Engineering

The process of reverse engineering has proven infinitely useful for analyzing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components to duplicate or repair them, or simply improve on their design. A guidebo

ISBN10 : 9781439806319 , ISBN13 : 1439806314

Page Number : 357

Android Malware And Analysis

The rapid growth and development of Android-based devices has resulted in a wealth of sensitive information on mobile devices that offer minimal malware protection. This has created an immediate need

ISBN10 : 1482252198 , ISBN13 : 9781482252194

Page Number : 242