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Moving At The Speed Of Grace

Does God leave bread crumbs for us to follow when we lose our way? Does God leave a light on for us that marks the entry way to the path God always follows? Pastor Norman Ramsey invites you and your s

ISBN10 : 1616635010 , ISBN13 : 9781616635015

Page Number : 219

Fast Forward Faith

Fast-Forward FAITH was inspired by the Holy Spirit to assist you in activating your FAITH. God is moved by our FAITH in Him. This book was written to share inspirational poetry about God's love, grace

ISBN10 : 9781425956547 , ISBN13 : 1425956548

Page Number : 196

The Stages Of Grace

This book was written out of a desire to share with others who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease what I have experienced as Grace’s caregiver and friend. I wanted to capture the emotions, t

ISBN10 : 1499053452 , ISBN13 : 9781499053456

Page Number : 150

Approaching The Speed Of Light

It's said that the flapping of a butterfly's wing can start a chain reaction that leads to an unstoppable storm. In the same way, random twists of fate and transitory acts of kindness and cruelty can

ISBN10 : 1466818964 , ISBN13 : 9781466818965

Page Number : 368

The Amazing World Of Flyingfish

If you travel the open ocean anywhere in the tropics, you are very likely to see flyingfish. These beautifully colored "ocean butterflies" shoot out of the water and sail on majestic, winglike pectora

ISBN10 : 1400853001 , ISBN13 : 9781400853007

Page Number : 64

More Than Breathing

Norman Ramsey (http: // follows the pathway of grace to reveal the way God transforms our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Step by gracious step, More than Breathing describes h

ISBN10 : 9781480174832 , ISBN13 : 1480174831

Page Number : 112

Rooms Of Grace

"This is a collection of poems selected from eight previous books, plus a number of new poems. The volume is divided into four sections: Fragments From a Life, Portraits, HIstories and Mythologies, So

ISBN10 : 9780938498100 , ISBN13 : 093849810X

Page Number : 226

Dream Home

Dr. Sara Alderson thought she was securing her and her family’s future when she moved them to a small town in New York and took a job as Chief of Pediatrics at the local hospital. Unfortunately, thi

ISBN10 : 1499593333 , ISBN13 : 9781499593334

Page Number : 278

Our Father

Biblical scripture often speaks of Angelic visits. We are told by the Ancient ones that the purpose of their visits was to enlighten humanity with a divine message, direct their path, or save a soul i

ISBN10 : 1481725971 , ISBN13 : 9781481725972

Page Number : 278