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Mother Myth In Spanish Novels

What if the goddess Athena, who sprang fully-grown from Zeus's head and denied she had a mother, became aware of the compelling existence of her other parent? What if she discovered that her mother, M

ISBN10 : 161148359X , ISBN13 : 9781611483598

Page Number : 236

Dark Assemblages

This book examines strategies of transformation (becomings, image-making, and the phantasmagoric) that figure in four stories and a novel by Gothic fiction writer Pilar Pedraza (Spain, 1951). While cr

ISBN10 : 1611486734 , ISBN13 : 9781611486735

Page Number : 238

Myth Ritual And The Oral

In Myth, Ritual and the Oral Jack Goody, one of the world's most distinguished anthropologists, returns to the related themes of myth, orality and literacy, subjects that have long been a touchstone i

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Latino Literature In America

Offering analysis of their most important, popular, and frequently assigned fictional works, this book surveys the contributions of eight notable Latino writers.

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Page Number : 149

Representing The Rural

A comprehensive and in-depth examination of the role of rural space in the cinema, contributing needed analysis to existing work on space, place, and identity in film.

ISBN10 : 9780814335628 , ISBN13 : 0814335624

Page Number : 384

Documenting The Documentary

Originally released in 1998, Documenting the Documentary responded to a scholarly landscape in which documentary film was largely understudied and undervalued aesthetically, and analyzed instead throu

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Page Number : 600