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Monkey Mind

Shares the author's personal experiences with anxiety, describing its painful coherence and absurdities while sharing the stories of other sufferers to illustrate anxiety's intellectual history and in

ISBN10 : 1439177317 , ISBN13 : 9781439177310

Page Number : 212

Monkey Mind

An uplifting and insightful memoir of living with anxiety, and one man's unswerving quest to overcome it.

ISBN10 : 1439177309 , ISBN13 : 9781439177303

Page Number : 212

Monkey Mind

Daniel Smith’s Monkey Mind is the stunning articulation of what it is like to live with anxiety. As he travels through anxiety’s demonic layers, Smith defangs the disorder with great humor and evo

ISBN10 : 1439177325 , ISBN13 : 9781439177327

Page Number : 224

Taming Our Monkey Mind

In Taming Our Monkey Mind, Phyllis Krystal explains how we often allow ourselves to get trapped by our desires. She equates this behavior to the monkey jar or gourd. The fistful of candy is too big to

ISBN10 : 9781609255701 , ISBN13 : 1609255704

Page Number : 224

Don T Feed The Monkey Mind

The very things we do to control anxiety can make anxiety worse. In this unique book, psychotherapist Jennifer Shannon offers a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based approach to help readers recogn

ISBN10 : 9781626255067 , ISBN13 : 1626255067

Page Number : 200

How To Stop Monkey Mind

How to Stop Monkey Mind gives you the techniques and process to eliminate the constant chatter in your mind. The book explains where this chatter comes from and how to stop it so that you can take bac

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Page Number : 75

Master The Mind Monkey

Master The Mind Monkey: Experience Your Excellence gently guides you into deeper and deeper levels of understanding of the mind and the tricks it plays. It exposes the deepest truth in a manner that m

ISBN10 : 8179926192 , ISBN13 : 9788179926192

Page Number : 290