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Mary Mother And Warrior

A Mother who nurtures, empathizes, and heals... a Warrior who defends, empowers, and resists oppression... the Virgin Mary plays many roles for the peoples of Spain and Spanish-speaking America. Devot

ISBN10 : 0292779240 , ISBN13 : 9780292779242

Page Number : 382

Malinche Pocahontas And Sacagawea

The first Europeans to arrive in North America’s various regions relied on Native women to help them navigate unfamiliar customs and places. This study of three well-known and legendary female cultu

ISBN10 : 0806153601 , ISBN13 : 9780806153605

Page Number : 368

Mother Myth In Spanish Novels

What if the goddess Athena, who sprang fully-grown from Zeus's head and denied she had a mother, became aware of the compelling existence of her other parent? What if she discovered that her mother, M

ISBN10 : 161148359X , ISBN13 : 9781611483598

Page Number : 236

Women In The Spanish Novel Today

This collection of new essays examines the representation of the female self in recent novels written by Spanish women. The essays explore the myriad ways in which women's struggle with self-definitio

ISBN10 : 0786453192 , ISBN13 : 9780786453191

Page Number : 232

Representing Argentinian Mothers

Motherhood holds a special place in Argentinian culture. Representing Argentinian Mothers examines the historical intersections of medicine and culture that have underpinned the representations of mot

ISBN10 : 9401209618 , ISBN13 : 9789401209618

Page Number : 308

Catholicism Today

Catholics are not Christians. They worship Mary. They do whatever the pope says. They cannot divorce. They eat fish on Fridays. These flawed but common statements reflect a combined ignorance of and f

ISBN10 : 1317963547 , ISBN13 : 9781317963547

Page Number : 258