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Man Interrupted

In 2011, Philip Zimbardo gave a TED Talk called "The Demise of Guys," which has been viewed by over 1.8 million people. A TED eBook called The Demise of Guys: Why Guys Are Struggling and What We Can D

ISBN10 : 1573246891 , ISBN13 : 9781573246897

Page Number : 352

Gender And Discourse

Deborah Tannen's You Just Don't Understand spent nearly four years (in cloth and paper) on The New York Times Best Seller list and has sold over a million and a half copies. Clearly, Tannen's insights

ISBN10 : 9780199727827 , ISBN13 : 0199727821

Page Number : 216

Golf Interrupted

Damaged yet unbroken, Sebastian is a B-grade golfer assisted by Donnie, a wounded pelican, who shows him how to use the wind’s power for flight, for golf and for life. But before Sebastian has even

ISBN10 : 1925579468 , ISBN13 : 9781925579468

Page Number : 160

Strangers In The Earth

The Anabaptist contribution to the Reformation is often overlooked or misrepresented in historical accounts. In this historical novel, the author attempts to give an accurate account of life for these

ISBN10 : 1512748110 , ISBN13 : 9781512748116

Page Number : 222

The Toff And The Fallen Angels

Strange occurrences at a home for unmarried mothers leads to the women becoming frightened. Enter Richard Rollison, alias 'The Toff', who is persuaded to get to the bottom of it. He soon discovers tha

ISBN10 : 0755146174 , ISBN13 : 9780755146178

Page Number : 170

Work With Me

Despite the strenuous efforts to give women equal status in the workplace over the last few decades, tension between the sexes in the workplace remains as rampant as ever: during exit interviews many

ISBN10 : 1405519258 , ISBN13 : 9781405519250

Page Number : 272

The High Road Of Humanity

This book is a cultural ethics. Its exposition of the moral life and moral discourse of the West studies their sources in the moral imagination. Changing images of the human are the ideals underlying

ISBN10 : 9789051838435 , ISBN13 : 9051838433

Page Number : 156