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Living Scripture

Living Scripture captures the essence of each week's Scripture readings in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format. In a single easily reproducible page, Mitch Finley summarizes the essential message of t

ISBN10 : 9781556124167 , ISBN13 : 1556124163

Page Number : 108

Words Of Life

Throughout Christian history, the overwhelmingly predominant view of the Bible has been that it is itself the living and active word of God. In this book Timothy Ward explains and defends what we are

ISBN10 : 0830898344 , ISBN13 : 9780830898343

Page Number : 186

Living God S Word

Christians resolved to study the Bible more fervently often struggle to grasp the progression of Scripture as a whole, instead encountering various passages each week through unrelated readings, studi

ISBN10 : 0310491428 , ISBN13 : 9780310491422

Page Number : 352

Living And Active

For all of the Bible's popularity both in the church and in Western culture, confusion reigns about what the Bible is, its relationship to God, its relationship to its human authors and readers, and i

ISBN10 : 0802833454 , ISBN13 : 9780802833457

Page Number : 364

Living Theodrama

A fresh, creative introduction to theological ethics. Offering an imaginative approach through dialogue with theatrical theory and practice, Vander Lugt demonstrates a new way to integrate actor-orien

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Page Number : 256

Living Scripture

The Holy Scriptures are alive and full of the breath of the living God Himself. Just as He created you, He also created words especially for you and your walk with Him on this earth. His word will gui

ISBN10 : 9781681970530 , ISBN13 : 1681970538

Page Number : 324

Sources Of Strength

For decades, President Jimmy Carter has been an avid student and teacher of the Bible. In recent years, the adult Sunday school classes he leads at his hometown Baptist church have become famous the w

ISBN10 : 0307764699 , ISBN13 : 9780307764690

Page Number : 272

Living Serenity

Millions of people-in the church and out of it-struggle with addictions. by practicing the principles found in this book, you can know God's amazing gift of Living Serenity! Written for those struggli

ISBN10 : 9781539771388 , ISBN13 : 1539771385

Page Number : 266