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Little Things

Buffy tries to cope with life after the death of her mother while Anya and Xander must deal with a plague of ants and Spike tackles evil in Weatherly Park.

ISBN10 : 074342736X , ISBN13 : 9780743427364

Page Number : 208

The Buffyverse Catalog

This bibliographic guide covers the "Buffyverse"--the fictional worlds of the acclaimed television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and its spinoff Angel (1999-2004), as well as the origina

ISBN10 : 0786487879 , ISBN13 : 9780786487875

Page Number : 326

Pandora S Closet

Nineteen original tales of the Pandora legend-as no one has ever imagine it before. When Pandora's Box was opened, so the ancient tale goes, all the evils that would beset humanity were released into

ISBN10 : 1101043873 , ISBN13 : 9781101043875

Page Number : 320

Crystal Doors Omnibus

Fourteen-year-old cousins Gwen and Vic are transported through a magical doorway to the island of Elantya, where they are caught in a tempest of ancient magic and fierce battles. Unable to get home, t

ISBN10 : 9781614751212 , ISBN13 : 1614751218

Page Number : 532

Crystal Doors

Gwen and Vic are still learning magic and science on the island of Elantya when they learn that Vic's father has finally made it through the crystal doors to Elantya. But their excitement is short-liv

ISBN10 : 9781614751168 , ISBN13 : 1614751161

Page Number : 214

Renaissance Faire

Centering around Renaissance Faires--gatherings rife with jousts, feasts, fortune-tellers, magicians, dancers, and plays--this imaginative collection features contributions by Elizabeth Ann Scarboroug

ISBN10 : 9780756402815 , ISBN13 : 0756402816

Page Number : 306

Mystery Date

Flirt with the unknown in 17 unusual tales of blind dates... When people embark on blind dates, they never quite know what they will find-and the dates in these mostly modern- day urban tales go far b

ISBN10 : 144063372X , ISBN13 : 9781440633720

Page Number : 320