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If Only We Knew What We Know

While companies search the world over to benchmark best practices, vast treasure troves of knowledge and know-how remain hidden right under their noses: in the minds of their own employees, in the oft

ISBN10 : 1451674589 , ISBN13 : 9781451674583

Page Number : 256

The Necessary Nature Of Future Firms

Firms - like all living systems - must be congruent with, aligned with, compatible with their environments, or they will not survive. Among the features examined in depth are practices and structural

ISBN10 : 0761930361 , ISBN13 : 9780761930365

Page Number : 307

The Freewill Question

This book is the result of a discontent on my part with (r) the super ficial and offhand way many determinists set forth their arguments, without the slightest hint of the difficulties which have been

ISBN10 : 9401030200 , ISBN13 : 9789401030205

Page Number : 90