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Artful Persuasion

Peels away the mystery that surrounds the psychology of influence and reveals how the world's most persuasive politicians, advertisers, salespeople, and spin doctors work their magic. Case studies in

ISBN10 : 9780814425251 , ISBN13 : 0814425259

Page Number : 300

Communicate With Confidence

Need to sell a new marketing idea to your boss? Handle a sticky problem with a colleague? Calm an irate customer? Good news! You'll never be at a loss for words after reading Communicate with Confiden

ISBN10 : 1613392311 , ISBN13 : 9781613392317

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Team Leadership

Hands-on approach enables managers to assess their own leadership and problem solving skills, and enhance team development.

ISBN10 : 9781861528636 , ISBN13 : 1861528639

Page Number : 198

Amazing Americans

Consists of a series of short biographical stories called BioViews, similar to interviews, about well-known historical American people. Stories are based on facts related to people's lives and the aut

ISBN10 : 1921629932 , ISBN13 : 9781921629938

Page Number : 226

Amazing Millionaires A Short Ebook

You may know the names of famous millionaires and wonder how they struck it rich. This unique collection of short audio stories from The Amazing People Club tells their tales. It explores the lives of

ISBN10 : 1921752262 , ISBN13 : 9781921752261

Page Number : 34

Meet George Washington An Estory

George Washington grew up in the English colony of Virginia. He was tall and strong and respected by his friends and colleagues as a good leader. As he grew older, George saw how England took advantag

ISBN10 : 1921629398 , ISBN13 : 9781921629396

Page Number : 16