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If Only

This is the third novel about Kim and Ned, who are two very ordinary people but they are the most unlikely pair of friends that one could meet. Nevertheless there is a bond between them. She is Chines

ISBN10 : 1782349170 , ISBN13 : 9781782349174

Page Number : 236

The Last Conquistador

A series of child abductions near the Andes Mountains lands a Peruvian archaeologist and an American FBI agent deep in an ancient Incan mystery. At the foot of a crumbling sacrificial altar on an Ande

ISBN10 : 1453299343 , ISBN13 : 9781453299340

Page Number : 270

If Only I D Said Something

Fourteen-year-old Sam Wilson goes to school every dayalone and full of dread. Facing the school bully Nick and his gang is terrifying enough to make every day painful, whether its from getting shoved

ISBN10 : 1504377516 , ISBN13 : 9781504377515

Page Number : 258

Affairs At Thrush Green

Make a visit to this English village: “What you will find in the novels of Miss Read is an aura of warm happiness.” —Columbus Dispatch In Affairs at Thrush Green, Miss Read continues the fortune

ISBN10 : 0547526512 , ISBN13 : 9780547526515

Page Number : 256

The Road To Cali

“I didn’t know if I could be a mother. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be a mother. Nothing in my upbringing seemed to support motherhood.” So begins Corinne Chateau’s odyssey to claim the

ISBN10 : 1450081355 , ISBN13 : 9781450081351

Page Number : 207

History Of Al Tabari Vol 21 The

Volume XXI of the History of al-Tabari (from the second part of 66/685 to 73/693) covers the resolution of "the Second Civil War." This conflict, which has broken out in 64/683 after the death of the

ISBN10 : 1438402880 , ISBN13 : 9781438402888

Page Number : 278

The Relevance Of Philosophy To Life

With The Relevance of Philosophy to Life, eminent American philosopher John Lachs reminds us that philosophy is not merely a remote subject of academic research and discourse, but an ever-changing fie

ISBN10 : 9780826512628 , ISBN13 : 0826512623

Page Number : 277

If Only Regrets Were A Good Thing

The main character of the story begins her story at age three and goes to the present day. She has lived through, devastation, molestation, brutality, but applys humor to most of her greif, misery, tr

ISBN10 : 1456761609 , ISBN13 : 9781456761608

Page Number : 192

If She Had Only Said Sorry

Where do you draw the line? Torn apart by the guilt of inducing her mother's death, all Sam wanted was a place to belong and her sister to love her, even though her attempts at reconciliation only end

ISBN10 : 1906210535 , ISBN13 : 9781906210533

Page Number : 120