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How The Hell Did We Get Here?

Do not be deceived: racism is still brewing in South Africa. The author shares about how she experienced firsthand rejection when she fell in love with a white man. In spite of being a sought after ca

ISBN10 : 1479775339 , ISBN13 : 9781479775330

Page Number : 124

Broke And Broken

Lights too bright? Music too soft? Blanket too scratchy? Not enough chilli in the curry? We experience our environment in a unique way through our senses. The same sights, sounds, smells, tastes and t

ISBN10 : 9781920479305 , ISBN13 : 1920479309

Page Number : 200

How Dark The World Becomes

Original Trade Paperback. The exciting debut of a nonstop noir SF from legendary game creator Frank Chadwick. With one single act of kindness, a tough-as-nails hood with a heart of gold saves two alie

ISBN10 : 9781451638707 , ISBN13 : 1451638701

Page Number : 336

Hitler S Flying Saucers

Learn why the Schriever-Habermohl project was actually two projects and read the written statement of a German test pilot who actually flew one of these saucers; about the Leduc engine, the key to Dr

ISBN10 : 9781931882132 , ISBN13 : 1931882134

Page Number : 268