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Free From Fears

Combining cognitive, behavioral, and goal-oriented therapies, this book offers a program to help sufferers overcome their fears and take active roles in life again

ISBN10 : 9780671666422 , ISBN13 : 0671666428

Page Number : 223

Anxiety Free

In his new book, Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book The Worry Cure, turns his attention to anxiety. Leahy looks at the origin of anxiety and teaches you how to outsmart your fears

ISBN10 : 1458753905 , ISBN13 : 9781458753908

Page Number : 560

Under Our Skin

Can it ever get better? This is the question Benjamin Watson is asking. In a country aflame with the fallout from the racial divide—in which Ferguson, Charleston, and the Confederate flag dominate t

ISBN10 : 1496413326 , ISBN13 : 9781496413321

Page Number : 240

Breaking Free From Fear

Break free from Fear Life is filled with all sorts of fears that can assault your mind, trouble your soul, and bring untold stress. But you don’t have to remain captive to your fears. In this six-we

ISBN10 : 0307729869 , ISBN13 : 9780307729866

Page Number : 96

Breaking Free From Fear

We all have fears that are weighing us down. It can feel like fear has us prisoner and there is no escape. No matter how far you run, there is no getting away from what you fear. Fear can make us worr

ISBN10 : 9781532920639 , ISBN13 : 1532920636

Page Number : 38

Praying Through Cancer

Cancer can't be explained away. No amount of Christian cliches will decrease its power. Enter Praying Through Cancer, a daily devotional written specifically for cancer patients by cancer patients wit

ISBN10 : 1418553670 , ISBN13 : 9781418553678

Page Number : 208

You And Your Anxious Child

Offers strategies for coping with and managing children who suffer from anxiety disorders as well as case studies, proven therapies, and advice for handling the needs of every member of the household.

ISBN10 : 9781583334959 , ISBN13 : 1583334955

Page Number : 322

From Fearful To Fear Free

Written by four powerhouses in the world of veterinary medicine and behavior, this informative manual takes an in-depth look at fear: an issue that dog owners frequently encounter yet don t often unde

ISBN10 : 9781621871545 , ISBN13 : 1621871541

Page Number : 224

Brave Enough

Find the courage to be who you are—not who you wish you were. Is fear holding you back from becoming your best self? Does it add stress to your day and keep you up at night? What could be different

ISBN10 : 1496407016 , ISBN13 : 9781496407016

Page Number : 240

Fear Free Retirement

Financial security during retirement is no guarantee. In fact, Outliving Your Money is the #1 fear among retirees. Not far behind are the fears of Losing Principal, High Health Care Costs, and Higher

ISBN10 : 9781456735739 , ISBN13 : 145673573X

Page Number : 112