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Navajo Lifeways

"I think what is always really amazing to me is that Navajo are never amazed by anything that happens. Because it is like in a lot of our stories they are already there."--Sunny Dooley, Navajo Storyte

ISBN10 : 9780806133102 , ISBN13 : 0806133104

Page Number : 265

Language Shift Among The Navajos

Discusses the alarming reduction in the speaking of the Navajo language on the reservation, mapping out some of the intricacies of relations between the English and Navajo languages and the teaching o

ISBN10 : 9780816522200 , ISBN13 : 0816522200

Page Number : 122

I Choose Life

How Navajos navigate the complex world of medicine Surgery, blood transfusions, CPR, and organ transplantation are common biomedical procedures for treating trauma and disease. But for Navajo Indians,

ISBN10 : 0806186372 , ISBN13 : 9780806186375

Page Number : 384

Navajo Land Navajo Culture

In Navajo Land, Navajo Culture, Robert S. McPherson presents an intimate history of the Diné, or Navajo people, of southeastern Utah. Moving beyond standard history by incorporating Native voices, th

ISBN10 : 9780806134109 , ISBN13 : 0806134100

Page Number : 301

Lump Lump And The Blanket Of Dreams

Winter is coming, but the little black bear, Lump Lump, isn't ready to go to sleep! With the help of his mother, the wise Blue Bird, and his forest friends, Lump Lump gathers materials for Spider Woma

ISBN10 : 146026438X , ISBN13 : 9781460264386

Page Number : 28

Friendship And Happiness

This is the first book that explicitly focuses on the relationships between various types of friendship experiences and happiness. It addresses historical, theoretical, and measurement issues in the s

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Page Number : 319