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Ways Out Of War

An exploration of the individual work of ten diplomats who were charged with negotiating conclusions to intractable conflicts in the Middle East and Balkans, this book is the first study to combine th

ISBN10 : 1137030542 , ISBN13 : 9781137030542

Page Number : 285

Finding Meaning In The Text

This book offers a thorough analysis of the translation technique and theology of LXX-Amos, which will be valuable for those studying LXX-Amos and for those doing textual criticism in the Hebrew text

ISBN10 : 9004176381 , ISBN13 : 9789004176386

Page Number : 306

Living Sharia

Drawing on ethnographic research, Living Sharia examines the role of sharia in the sociopolitical processes of contemporary Malaysia. The book traces the contested implementation of Islamic family and

ISBN10 : 0295742569 , ISBN13 : 9780295742564

Page Number : 280

Reconnecting The Church

Reconnecting the Church is offered as a practical guide to assist pastors and laypeople in understanding the city, engaging, and serving the local community in which the church is located. The book’

ISBN10 : 1450087205 , ISBN13 : 9781450087209

Page Number : 234

Surviving Field Research

In recent decades there has been increasing attention to mass atrocities such as genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other gross human rights violations. At the same time, there has bee

ISBN10 : 1134010184 , ISBN13 : 9781134010189

Page Number : 280

A Critical Companion To Tim Burton

Unlike anything currently available, A Critical Companion to Tim Burton is a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of all the works of one of the world's most renowned directors and artists. Written by s

ISBN10 : 1498552730 , ISBN13 : 9781498552738

Page Number : 278

Finding Divine Inspiration

In Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity you'll learn listen for God's voice and inspiration in your creative process. And you'll discover the joy of working with

ISBN10 : 0768496144 , ISBN13 : 9780768496147

Page Number : 239