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The Facts On The Mind Sciences

Millions of people believe in the "higher power" of the mind but few know the potential risks of involvement in the Mind Sciences (Unity Religious Science New Thought Christian Science est Silva Mind

ISBN10 : 1937136140 , ISBN13 : 9781937136147

Page Number : 54

Mind Bending Black Operations Weapons Systems And Experiments By Extraterrestrials Grays And Governments The Hidden World Of The Anunnaki Ulema Grays And Secret Military Aliens Bases And Laboratories On Earth Underwater And In Space

An explosive book on secret projects and black operations conducted by extraterrestrials and the Gray alien race living here on planet Earth. Detailed listing of each project, and explanation of its i

ISBN10 : 0557439167 , ISBN13 : 9780557439164

Page Number : 322