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No One Will Let Her Live

"From family to community and politics, relationships establish the social conditions in which health is forged. The inequalities that structure these relationships have left the health of women livin

ISBN10 : 0520284801 , ISBN13 : 9780520284807

Page Number : 296

The Dignity Of Resistance

The Dignity of Resistance chronicles the four decade history of Chicago's Wentworth Gardens public housing residents' grassroots activism. This comprehensive case study explores why and how these Afri

ISBN10 : 9780521593205 , ISBN13 : 0521593204

Page Number : 388

Demolition Means Progress

In 1997, after General Motors shuttered a massive complex of factories in the gritty industrial city of Flint, Michigan, signs were placed around the empty facility reading, “Demolition Means Progre

ISBN10 : 022605005X , ISBN13 : 9780226050058

Page Number : 398


This exciting illustrated tour takes you step-by-step behind the scenes of the most incredible implosions in the world from standing skyscrapers to-kaboom!-a pile of rubble. A hotel in Atlantic city,

ISBN10 : 9781579121495 , ISBN13 : 1579121497

Page Number : 128

Victory Jet

In the 24th century humanity is experiencing a long earned time of renewal after centuries of hardship. From the ashes of the old world a shimmering Megalopolis has risen to dominate the landscape of

ISBN10 : 0692016651 , ISBN13 : 9780692016657

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