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Chicana O Remix

Rewrites our understanding of the last 50 years of Chicana/o cultural production. Chicana/o Remix casts new light not only on artists—such as Sandra de la Loza, Judy Baca, and David Botello, among o

ISBN10 : 1479849502 , ISBN13 : 9781479849505

Page Number : 336

Readings In Latin American Modern Art

This important and welcome volume is the first English-language anthology of writings on Latin American modern art of the twentieth century. The book includes some fifty seminal essays and documentsâ€

ISBN10 : 9780300133332 , ISBN13 : 0300133332

Page Number : 288

Contemporary Chicana Art

Provides an overview of Chicano, or Mexican American, art from the 1960s to the present within the broader context of American cultural history, in a book with striking color and black-and-white photo

ISBN10 : 9780292721173 , ISBN13 : 029272117X

Page Number : 277

Latino American Cinema

Latino American cinema is a provocative, complex, and definitively American topic of study. This book examines key mainstream commercial films while also spotlighting often-underappreciated documentar

ISBN10 : 0313380368 , ISBN13 : 9780313380365

Page Number : 313

Chicano Renaissance

Among the lasting legacies of the Chicano Movement is the cultural flowering that it inspired--one that has steadily grown from the 1960s to the present. It encompassed all of the arts and continues t

ISBN10 : 9780816520213 , ISBN13 : 0816520216

Page Number : 330

Art Of Engagement

"The Art of Engagement represents a singular contribution to debates about the politics of art in California and far beyond."—Derrick R. Cartwright, author of Benjamin West: Allegory and Allegiance

ISBN10 : 0520240529 , ISBN13 : 9780520240520

Page Number : 298


Gronk was born in 1954 in the barrios of East Los Angeles. An autodidact by circumstance, he began his career as an urban muralist who had to look up the word “mural” to know whether he could pain

ISBN10 : 9780895511010 , ISBN13 : 0895511010

Page Number : 120

Corpus Delecti

The most comprehensive volume on performance art from the Americas to have appeared in English, Corpus Delecti is a unique collection of historical and critical studies of contemporary Latin performan

ISBN10 : 1134648596 , ISBN13 : 9781134648597

Page Number : 328