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7 Day Anxiety Challenge

Take Your "7-Day Anxiety Challenge" Reduce Your Anxiety In 7 Days Why are you reading this? Because: - You worry excessively of impending doom and may even be turning to drugs to cope. - You have trou

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7 Day Quit Smoking Challenge

Take Your "7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge" Ways to Quit Smoking In 7 Days Why are you reading this? Because: - You have an insatiable desire for smoking and want to quit the nasty habit. - You want to h

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7 Day Brain Power Challenge

Take Your "7-Day Brain Power Challenge" Increase Brain Power In 7 Days Why are you reading this? Because: - You want to unlock the limitless power of what your mind has to offer. - You want to have be

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Drugs And Youth The Challenge Of Today

Drugs and Youth: The Challenge of Today mainly focuses on the issue of drug addiction in youth and on how to bring this issue to the knowledge of the concerned sectors. This text first discusses the e

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Real Life

Presents advice and coping strategies for dealing with crises in daily life, examining problems which can arise from such events as loss of a loved one, a physical or mental breakdown, or loss of a se

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Restructuring Schools

Restructuring Schools presents conceptual and empirical models of school organization for promoting students' achievement. Papers by nationally recognized educational sociologists examine four dimensi

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Cognitive Therapy Of Anxiety Disorders

- Winner of the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award - Mental Health Nursing! Aaron T. Beck - Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Nursing Centers Consortium! Updat

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Foundations Of Health Psychology

Health psychology is the scientific study of psychological processes related to health and health care. Although the field is only 25 years old, it has burgeoned into a major scientific and clinical d

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