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People Land And Water

Presents conceptual and methodological issues related to the use of Participatory Development Communication (PDC). This book describes the major issues involved in applying PDC to natural resource man

ISBN10 : 1552502244 , ISBN13 : 9781552502242

Page Number : 313

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense

The passing of time reveals much expert opinion to be nonsense. How can we evaluate expert opinion and learn to think for ourselves? "In the midst of an information explosion, we face a wisdom deficit

ISBN10 : 9780988304895 , ISBN13 : 0988304899

Page Number : 448

The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind

What if everything we think we know about how the world works--our ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and love--are based on Brules (bullsh*t rules) that get passed from generati

ISBN10 : 1623367093 , ISBN13 : 9781623367091

Page Number : 288

The 10 Laws Of Career Reinvention

The media personality founder of The Reinvention Institute counsels readers on how to psychologically and financially prepare oneself for a career change in today's volatile economic market, sharing t

ISBN10 : 9780735204539 , ISBN13 : 0735204535

Page Number : 269

Moonwalking With Einstein

'If you want to understand how we remember, and how we can all learn to remember better, then read this book' Jonah Lehrer Can anyone get a perfect memory? Joshua Foer used to be like most of us, forg

ISBN10 : 0141032138 , ISBN13 : 9780141032139

Page Number : 307

New Perspectives On Bullying

"This book provides a useful round-up of studies that help the reader understand what constitutes bullying (a much-debated point), the characteristics of bullies and children who are targeted, pattern

ISBN10 : 033523674X , ISBN13 : 9780335236749

Page Number : 173

Open Grave

Provides information on the origins, tactics, myths, and lairs of a variety of undead creatures and threats encountered in the game of Dungeons and Dragons.

ISBN10 : 9780786950690 , ISBN13 : 0786950692

Page Number : 223

Tower Of Basel

Tower of Basel is the first investigative history of the world's most secretive global financial institution. Based on extensive archival research in Switzerland, Britain, and the United States, and i

ISBN10 : 1610392558 , ISBN13 : 9781610392556

Page Number : 360