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This practical, comprehensive, and easy to use book helps alcohol abusers understand their behavior, but provides practical steps that anyone can use to solve an alcohol problem. Written by a cognitiv

ISBN10 : 188436585X , ISBN13 : 9781884365850

Page Number : 208

Real Twelve Step Fellowship History

Put Your 12-Step Speakers, Sponsors, and Counselors to Work!You may regularly listen to excellent speakers, sponsors, and counselors in 12-Step programs. Chances are, however, that they probably rarel

ISBN10 : 9781885803870 , ISBN13 : 1885803877

Page Number : 174

Feeling Better Getting Better Staying Better

The most well-known and respected psychotherapist of our time offers a "three-pronged" system for maintaining--or regaining--emotional health, consisting of healthy thinking, healthy emotions, and hea

ISBN10 : 9781886230354 , ISBN13 : 1886230358

Page Number : 259

Addiction Is A Choice

Politicians and the media tell us that people who take drugs, including alcohol or nicotine, cannot help themselves. They are supposedly victims of the disease of 'addiciton', and they need 'treatment

ISBN10 : 0812697685 , ISBN13 : 9780812697681

Page Number : 256

This Naked Mind

This Naked Mind has ignited a movement across the country, helping thousands of people forever change their relationship with alcohol. Many people question whether drinking has become too big a part o

ISBN10 : 0525537236 , ISBN13 : 9780525537236

Page Number : 272

Sober For Good

Finally someone has gone straight to the real experts: hundreds of men and women who have resolved a drinking problem. The best-selling author Anne M. Fletcher asked them a simple question: how did yo

ISBN10 : 9780547347288 , ISBN13 : 0547347286

Page Number : 352

Kick The Drink Easily

There is no such thing as an alcoholic and there is no such disease as alcoholism! (as society understands it). Whether you agree with this statement or not, one thing is for sure, you will never see

ISBN10 : 1845907132 , ISBN13 : 9781845907136

Page Number : 320

Your Six Week Plan

If you have decided to quit drinking, 'Your 6 Week Plan' is for you. A diary specifically created for those at the beginning of their sober journey, 'Your 6 Week Plan' provides the opportunity to writ

ISBN10 : 1681469456 , ISBN13 : 9781681469454

Page Number : 200