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Stress Management For Beginners

Stress Management for Beginners Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device ** Get this book by Amazon Author of Health & Wellness, SARAH ROWLAND ** Life can be a stressful, challenging

ISBN10 : 9781542349796 , ISBN13 : 1542349796

Page Number : 72

Practising Happiness

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention that originates in Eastern meditation traditions but is increasingly discussed and practised in Western culture. It is usually defined as focusing one's comple

ISBN10 : 1780334397 , ISBN13 : 9781780334394

Page Number : 160

Stumbling On Happiness

In this fascinating and often hilarious work – winner of the Royal Society of Science Prize 2007 – pre-eminent psychologist Daniel Gilbert shows how – and why – the majority of us have no idea

ISBN10 : 0007330685 , ISBN13 : 9780007330683

Page Number : 352

Happiness And How It Happens

Suryacitta, aka The Happy Buddha, explores what happiness actually is and how we all can achieve it through the transformational practice of mindfulness meditation.

ISBN10 : 9781907332937 , ISBN13 : 1907332936

Page Number : 144

Eight Mindful Steps To Happiness

The author plumbs the "Eightfold Path" of Buddhism for advice on how to live life with the proper attention to understanding, thinking, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentrati

ISBN10 : 0861711769 , ISBN13 : 9780861711765

Page Number : 268

Mindfulness And Character Strengths

Looking for the latest research and practices on character strengths and mindfulness? Curious about how character strengths can supercharge your mindfulness practice? Or how mindfulness can help you d

ISBN10 : 1613343760 , ISBN13 : 9781613343760

Page Number : 295

Buddha S Brain

If you change your brain, you can change your life. Great teachers like the Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Gandhi were all born with brains built essentially like anyone else’s—and then they

ISBN10 : 9781608820474 , ISBN13 : 1608820475

Page Number : 272

Meditation For Dummies

Take an inward journey for a happier, healthier, more productive life Meditation relaxes the body, calms the mind, improves mental clarity, reduces stress and enhances overall health and well-being. I

ISBN10 : 1119940095 , ISBN13 : 9781119940098

Page Number : 256

Hardwiring Happiness

Why is it easier to ruminate over hurt feelings than it is to bask in the warmth of being appreciated? Because your brain evolved to learn quickly from bad experiences but slowly from good ones. You c

ISBN10 : 0385347324 , ISBN13 : 9780385347327

Page Number : 304