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Money Anxiety

This is a behavioral economics book showing readers how money anxiety impacts consumer financial behavior and the economy. The book demonstrates the impact of financial anxiety on retail sales and ban

ISBN10 : 1622874773 , ISBN13 : 9781622874774

Page Number : 142

You Only Live Once

"You Only Live Once redefines the millennial mantra into a practice of mindful financial decision-making to engineer one's dream lifestyle. There are numerous books, seminars and apps created to addre

ISBN10 : 1119267366 , ISBN13 : 9781119267362

Page Number : 192

The Tapping Solution

Explains how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to create much needed change in one's life.

ISBN10 : 1401939414 , ISBN13 : 9781401939410

Page Number : 229

Mind Over Money

Do you overspend? Undersave? Keep secrets about money from a spouse or family member? Are you anxious about dealing with your finances? If so, you are not alone. Let's face it–just about all of have

ISBN10 : 0385531036 , ISBN13 : 9780385531030

Page Number : 224

The Fear Cure

Dr Lissa Rankin realized that fear is not just a nuisance emotion that makes us unhappy; it's a serious risk factor for disease that threatens our longevity. The body's physiological response to fear

ISBN10 : 9781781803998 , ISBN13 : 1781803994

Page Number : 336

All Your Worth

A guide to achieving financial stability and prosperity encourages new ways to think about and manage money, discussing such topics as balancing a budget, planning for entertainment, and getting out o

ISBN10 : 0743269888 , ISBN13 : 9780743269889

Page Number : 304

The Anxiety Solution

The Anxiety Solution is your roadmap to a calmer, happier and more confident you. 'I know what it's like to be stuck in a cycle of anxiety. I used to feel as though fear and worry were a permanent par

ISBN10 : 1405930691 , ISBN13 : 9781405930697

Page Number : 256