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Healing Back Pain

Dr. John E. Sarno is a medical pioneer whose program has helped thousands of thousands of people overcome their back conditions--without or drugs or dangerous surgery. Now, using his grounbreaking res

ISBN10 : 9780759520844 , ISBN13 : 0759520844

Page Number : 208

The Mindbody Prescription

Dr. John E. Sarno's Healing Back Pain is a New York Times bestseller that has helped over 500,000 readers. Here, Sarno presents his most complete work yet on the vital connection between mental and bo

ISBN10 : 0759521891 , ISBN13 : 9780759521896

Page Number : 240

Healing Depression The Mind Body Way

"If you have an interest in optimum mental health, this book belongs on your shelf!" —Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression "A must-read for anyone interested in overcoming depression and hea

ISBN10 : 9780470522417 , ISBN13 : 0470522410

Page Number : 288

Healing Back Pain Naturally

A holistic approach to dealing with back pain explains how to use an all-natural program that combines mind-body techniques, specific stretching exercises, breathing techniques, diet and nutrition, an

ISBN10 : 0743424646 , ISBN13 : 9780743424646

Page Number : 320

Mind Over Medicine

Presents evidence from medical journals that beliefs, thoughts and feelings can cure the body and shows readers who to apply this knowledge in their own lives.

ISBN10 : 1401939988 , ISBN13 : 9781401939984

Page Number : 259

Wise Mind Living

Are you easily overwhelmed by your emotions? Is stress hurting your relationships and getting in the way of reaching your goals? With Wise Mind Living, esteemed psychotherapist and Columbia University

ISBN10 : 1622033833 , ISBN13 : 9781622033836

Page Number : 192

The Worry Solution

Our brains are hardwired to worry, but we can learn to worry less. Modern stresses have as much to do with what we think about as what happens to us. Yet in a world of information overload and numerou

ISBN10 : 1446447871 , ISBN13 : 9781446447871

Page Number : 256

The Mindbody Workbook

WHY WRITING ABOUT YOUR PAIN CAN HELP I realized many years ago that the process that begins with a diagnosis in the office needed to continue and be reinforced at home to be even more effective. I adv

ISBN10 : 1929997140 , ISBN13 : 9781929997145

Page Number : 88

The Fear Cure

Dr Lissa Rankin realized that fear is not just a nuisance emotion that makes us unhappy; it's a serious risk factor for disease that threatens our longevity. The body's physiological response to fear

ISBN10 : 9781781803998 , ISBN13 : 1781803994

Page Number : 336