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Please Explain Anxiety To Me

What's happening to me? This book translates anxiety from the jargon of psychology into concrete experiences that children can relate to. Children and their parents will understand the biological and

ISBN10 : 1615998888 , ISBN13 : 9781615998883

Page Number : 39

12 Annoying Monsters

Annotation. So, you?re a bit anxious sometimes. Or perhaps a lot. That?s OK! You are not alone. Lots and lots of people feel anxious at times. Read on! This book will explain: ? what anxiety actually

ISBN10 : 9780992504687 , ISBN13 : 0992504686

Page Number : 92

The Worry Glasses

For ages 3-9... Do you find yourself worrying about almost everything? Do your worries seem extra large? MJ knows the feeling. She's a big worry wart. Visit with MJ as she learns how to take off her "

ISBN10 : 9781612251646 , ISBN13 : 1612251641

Page Number : 32

Scaredies Away

Eight-year-old Jack is scared...of the dark...of swimming in the ocean...and of riding the biggest roller coaster on the boardwalk. Jack usually runs away from what scares him. Most people do! But now

ISBN10 : 9781496020406 , ISBN13 : 1496020405

Page Number : 39

I M Not Bad I M Just Mad

By working through the activities in I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad, children with anger control problems can develop better emotional and behavioral control. Kids will learn how to identify the things tha

ISBN10 : 1572246065 , ISBN13 : 9781572246065

Page Number : 141